The Luxembourg Sake Challenge competition is dedicated to promoting sake and furthering its global standing. The very best Sake Sommeliers from Luxembourg come together to discover the world’s finest and latest sakes. Our esteemed panel of judges, from the Sake Sommelier Association’s experienced network, mark and award the submitted sake. The Luxembourg Sake Challenge is an unprecedented opportunity for breweries to launch into new regional markets and to further sow the seeds of sake across the globe.
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The Luxembourg Sake Challenge was held on 22 October 2022 at the official residence of the Japanese Ambassador in Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Sake Challenge, an international sake competition, was held with great success! The event attracted a great deal of attention as it was the first sake and wine competition in the country. Excellent sake and wine from all over the world gathered in Luxembourg, where they were rigorously judged by Certified Sake Sommeliers from Luxembourg and other European countries. After the judging, buyers and wholesalers from the local beverage industry, as well as many influencers, were invited to the event ‘Japan Life’. Sake Entreies were unveiled and enjoyed by the guests at the event, which was a great opportunity for them to taste some new sake and deepen their knowledge of sake & Japanese culture. The event was also a valuable opportunity to connect Luxembourg with sake, with the sake sommeliers actively communicating with the guests. The event was a great success and the guests exclaimed with joy at the event!

  • The results of the judging are announced on the Awards page.
  • We’re excited to share some of the highlights of this monumentous occasion! Click here to watch it.