Luxembourg Sake Challenge 2024 will be held on 5th October!

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Mission Statement

Our Philosophy

Connect to Sake and Local

The Sake Challenge aims to identify sake that matches local preferences and markets worldwide, bridging sake with local communities.

The Luxembourg Sake Challenge utilizes the network of sake sommelier associations, gathering judges from Luxembourg and neighboring European countries. Launched in 2022, this event widely introduced the unique charm of Japanese sake to locals, unveiling its potential as a new market.

Luxembourg serves as a vital gateway to various European nations, blending diverse cultures and cuisines. This event provides an excellent opportunity to explore which sakes resonate with Europe’s diverse markets and how they are embraced. Participants are expected to deepen connections with regional tastes and trends, thereby cultivating new consumer bases.

Luxembourg Sake Challenge 2024 aims for further growth and development, fostering sake culture’s understanding and propagation as a bridge between regional and international markets.

Educating the next wave of youth about sake

We offer sake lectures, including the SSA Sake Sommelier Certification (qualification course), aimed at students preparing for future careers in the hotel, restaurant, and cafe industries at local hotel schools. Through these initiatives, we educate future leaders in the hospitality industry about the allure of sake and how to provide sake-related services, further promoting understanding and dissemination of Japanese sake culture.

Luxembourg Sake Challenge was held for the first time in 2022, the appeal of sake was conveyed to the local people, and we discovered the potential of a new market. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore the possibilities of which sake will best match the local market.